AgriSensys monitors practical test Hermadix

Hermadix shading agents is partnering with AgriSensys in a large scale practical test with the diffused coating D-GREE. The coating is applied to 19 hectares of bell peppers.

Together with Bergpeppers, bell peppers and Vijverberg paprika’s in Berkel en Rodenrijs, Hermadix has developed a special diffused coating called D-GREE. D-GREE has proven itself in 2013 with both companies, but this year is its real test. For this large scale practical test of in total 19 hectare has now partnered with AgriSensys.

“The advanced AgriSensys wireless measuring system helps us to depict results even more accurately”, says Hermadix consultant Ies Bos. “The measuring system is a lot more accurate than a climate box or a few point measurements because there is continuous measuring at dozens of points in the greenhouse. Everywhere in the world, we can simply log in to analyse the data. The first measurements are above expectations.”

Bos indicates that last year they already achieved ‘spectacular results’, but that the test during spring exceeds expectations. “We consider D-GREE as the new standard for vegetable horticulturists. This diffused coating will therefore surely be available from 2015.”