Kom in de Kas (Come in the Greenhouse) at RedStar

On Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 April 2014 over 200,000 visitors visited Kom in de Kas(Come in the Greenhouse), the national open day for Dutch greenhouse horticulture. The 37th Kom in de Kas (Come in the Greenhouse) took place last weekend in 23 regions spread over the entire country and was again very successful. It was striking that a lot of families with young children visited the greenhouses. RedStar, a supplier of tomatoes, opened its growing facility at the Konneweg 10 in Tinte last Saturday and people flocked to visit.

Last Saturday 5 April the tomato specialist opened its doors for large numbers of consumers that were curious about the work in the greenhouse, what’s involved in growing RedStar tomatoes and how good the tomatoes taste. The aim of Kom in de Kas (Come in the Greenhouse) is to put growing in the spotlight.

In addition to the various stands with companies that have a share in the RedStar tomatoes, think of seed breeders and nursery companies but also suppliers, people lined up at the RedStar Street. In this ‘street’ people could find out everything there is to know about RedStar and naturally also taste the tomatoes themselves. For some time now, RedStar has also been responding to consumer experiences. The company does this by making consumers familiar with the various applications that are possible with the tomatoes, for example tomato pie and chocolates.

Although beforehand the weather forecast was not entirely favourable, the Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and a lot of people came by bike to visit the RedStar greenhouse. Overall, RedStar looks back at a very successful Kom in de Kas (Come in the Greenhouse) 2014.

About RedStar

RedStar specialises in the sale of tomatoes. The strength of the company lies in continuous innovation, extensive cooperation in the chain and supply all year round. RedStar also distinguishes itself by being customer oriented. The wishes of its customers are paramount. All year round, RedStar supplies tomatoes that meet the highest quality standards. To ensure this quality, the company has the most important certifications. Year round supply is possible through the supply of Dutch products and the partnerships the company has built in Spain and the United Kingdom over recent years. Due to this, RedStar is a reliable partner able to supply tomatoes both during the summer season as well as the winter.