For the perfect climate in your greenhouse

For horticulturists obtaining accurate insight into the climate in their greenhouses is important. By measuring homogeneity in your greenhouses, it is then possible to improve the climate. The AgriSensys® system helps you achieve this.



AgriSensys is the way to determine homogeneity in your greenhouse. An AgriSensys system consists of the following parts:

  • A base station for connection to the internet.
  • A range extender.
  • 25 sensors for measuring temperature and relative humidity.
  • A user interface on the internet.
  • A reliable hosting service for the data.

This package is suitable for measurement of up to 2 hectares. For larger surfaces extension packages of 5 sensors can be added. An additional sensor is required for measurement of the outside temperature. This is necessary for determining possible energy savings. A second additional sensor is required to install in the climate box (or in the inlet air flow). This is used to filter out the temperature increase as a result of radiation for the non-ventilated AgriSensys sensors.

The monitoring system can be further expanded with:

  • CO2 sensors
  • Temperature sensors for measuring the down tube and growth tube
  • Air speedometers
  • Stem thickness meters
  • Soil moisture sensors