For the perfect climate in your greenhouse

For horticulturists obtaining accurate insight into the climate in their greenhouses is important. By measuring homogeneity in your greenhouses, it is then possible to improve the climate. The AgriSensys® system helps you achieve this.


The first months

Practical experience shows that in the first few months growers can eliminate climate inequality with AgriSensys. Thanks to the wireless sensor network the grower gets an entirely different picture of the temperature and humidity profiles in their greenhouse. This is logical because on average 1 or 2 climate boxes are installed per hectare while with AgriSensys the climate is measured in at least 10 locations per hectare.

The knowledge gained in the first period provides insight into structural problems in the greenhouse and provides insight into the cause-effect of calculation rules in the climate computer.

By fine tuning the calculation rules and making changes to their greenhouse, the grower is able to largely eliminate climate inequality without additional investments.

Our wireless sensor network is in line with the basic rules of the New Cultivation. With AgriSensys it is possible to meet the first 5 priorities of HNT.

In the first months the focus will be on the eliminating climate inequality and increasing the knowledge of managing the technology in the greenhouse.

Climate equality

  • Sealing cracks in the facade, ventilation windows, screens, mouse holes etc.
  • Properly adjusting ventilation windows and critically adjusting the operation of these windows.
  • Choosing correct and sufficient insulation for heating pipes and checking their flow.
  • Completing compartmentalisation or applying compartments.
  • Determining a location for the measuring box that is representative of the greenhouse climate