When is your climate homogeneous?

Your climate is homogeneous if the variations in temperature are below 1.5°C. This is within the bandwidth of the eco greenhouse label. By measuring the homogeneity in your greenhouses, it is possible to improve the climate. The AgriSensys® system helps you achieve this.


In the long term

As soon as climate inequality is eliminated the grower can start saving energy. Saving energy goes hand in hand with equal (of higher) yield and an at least equally healthy crop. The first step to saving energy with an equal climate seamlessly matches the first steps of the New Cultivation. The grower has to take 5 priorities into account:

  1. Climate equality is the first concern. So this is the first step towards a safe higher moisture content.
  2. Dehumidification is the second concern. To get rid of moisture it is therefore no longer desirable to heat up the down tube with opened windows. The challenge is to dehumidify with subtle adjustments, especially combined with air movement and screens.
  3. Radiation is the third concern. Prevent radiation by keeping the screen closed. It is important to determine the correct time to open your screen. Not too late, because then the greenhouse climate will become too stuffy. But also not too early because the radiation will get a hold of the crop, which can make it wet.
  4. The fourth point is activating crops through additional evaporation, keeping it healthy. This can be done with hut tubes, but sometimes also with other aids such as vertical ventilators.
  5. The last point is insulation. There is no need to immediately install an additional screen, but you can also save energy by keeping the existing screen closed for a longer period of time.