For the perfect climate in your greenhouse.

For horticulturists obtaining accurate insight into the climate in their greenhouses is important. By measuring homogeneity in your greenhouses, it is then possible to improve the climate. The AgriSensys® system helps you achieve this.


AgriSensys in your greenhouse

To maximise the yield of the greenhouse, a homogeneous climate in the greenhouse is important. In addition, a homogeneous climate directly contributes to minimum energy consumption. In short, with a homogeneous climate the yields increase and the energy costs decrease.

A homogeneous climate
Most measuring systems in the greenhouse have one measuring point per hectare. To get insight into how homogeneous the climate is, this is insufficient. The studies of the Wageningen University demonstrate this. These studies show that per hectare temperature variations of up to six degrees Celsius can occur. The humidity variations can increase to as much as 20 percent. For locating all “cold and hot” spots in a hectare, at least 10 measuring points per hectare are necessary. To reduce the uncertainty with regard to the maximum and minimum temperature on a hectare to 1°C, 25 sensors that take measurements ten times an hour are necessary. This means that more measuring points and more information is needed for useful insight into your greenhouse.

Effective measures
Measuring is knowing. With AgriSensys you instantly have up to date insight into the variations in temperature and humidity. With this information you can take effective measures. Some of these measures will possibly require investment. Another large part of tackling deviations will cover issues such as the regulation of windows, heating and ventilation.

As soon as you have certainty about the temperature division in your greenhouse the set point of the greenhouse heating can be set accordingly. This can lead to energy savings. Figure 3 shows how much lower the set point can be adjusted during the night period for a tomato greenhouse. These are average values in periods of 2 hours for 2 weeks during autumn.

The power of AgriSensys
The power of AgriSensys is that the climate in your greenhouse is monitored in a simple way and without large investments. AgriSensys enables you to better control the climate in your greenhouse and take measures to make it as homogeneous as possible.

You can also save energy because you have certainty about the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse, allowing the heating system to be set lower. AgriSensys is implemented with combined temperature and humidity sensors from the WiSensys platform. If you want to measure other variables in your greenhouse as well, various sensors with the same user interface can be added (energy consumption, CO2 level, pressure, air flow and soil moisture).